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"La Fenice" Onlus is a voluntary association according to the law 266/91 and art. 36 cc located at Burn Center of "M. Bufalini" Hospital in Viale Ghirotti 286, Cesena.
The purposes of no-profit association "La Fenice" Onlus is the social solidarity and cultural promotion on behalf of burned people and their families.
The association also carries out activities of prevention and awareness of public opinion in the field of burns. It also supports clinical research in the field of Regenerative Medicine carried out at the Skin Ban ERR.

References and Contacts
Association “La Fenice” Onlus “
"M. Bufalini” Hospital - Viale Ghirotti 286, 47521, Cesena (FC)
Telephone:+39 0547/352727; +39 348/2325728
Fax: +39 0547/352718
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
President: Jonny Vicchi

Donate your contribution
The association "La Fenice" Onlus has opened a bank account to collect funds required to carry out their activities. You can give your contribution using the following extremes:

Bank: “Cassa di Risparmio di Cesena” IBAN code: IT67M0612021005CC0360000635
Payable to: Associazione Ustionati “La Fenice” Onlus.
CF 90040670409

Skin Bank RER

Skin Bank RER

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Cutaneous Tissue

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