Processing, cryo-freezing and storage of cutaneous tissue

After the acceptance, skin tissue is processed within the Cell Factory. Here, it is carried out:

  • the quantitative analysis of collected skin tissue as well as its suitability, in compliance with the standards of tissue harvesting defined by the Skin Bank
  • a treatment of decontamination, in order to eliminate any previous contamination of skin tissue
  • the packaging of skin tissue inside sterile bags

The human dermis processed within the Cell Factory can also be subjected to a decellularization process before packaging, in order to obtain a product of tissue engineering usable for clinical purposes. The cutaneous tissue packaged and sealed inside sterile bags within the Cell Factory is then subjected to:

  • Cryo-freezing with a programmed, gradual drop of the temperature
  • Storage in tanks of liquid nitrogen


  • Processazione Cute New
    Processing of cutaneous tissue (homologous skin).
  • Processazione Derma New New New New
    Processing of cutaneous tissue (dermis).
  • Sacca New
    Packaging of cutaneous tissue.
  • Congelamento New New New
    Cryo-freezing of cutaneous tissue.
  • Storage New
    Storage of cutaneous tissue.

Skin Bank RER

Skin Bank RER

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Cutaneous Tissue

Cutaneous Tissue

  • Homologus Skin
  • De-epidermized Dermis
  • Decellularized Dermis
Cell Factory

Cell Factory

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